Community advisory committees


Beginning in 2016, Eastern Health hosted community meetings throughout the region to gain a sense of community strengths and challenges. We asked questions that looked at what was impacting health while also exploring what was happening in communities that would help us respond in a meaningful way.

Following these community meetings, Eastern Health worked with communities to form community advisory committees, or CACs. Each CAC develops an action plan to guide their work. CACs are engaged in an ongoing relationship with Eastern Health, acting as advisors to the health authority on their area.

Community engagement

Community engagement is used as a key tool in the creation and sustainability of CACs. The determinants of health inform the work of every committee. For more information on the determinants of health, please see the CAC policy included under each CAC tab below.

Community advisory committees represent the rural geography of the health authority. Eastern Health works with CACs to seek the advice of community members on local and/or regional priorities which impact the health of their communities.

Eastern Health values the perspectives and experiences of residents and through the formation of community advisory committees (CACs), uses these perspectives to move forward our vison of Healthy People, Healthy Communities.

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Last updated: 2023-03-30