The BETTER Program

With chronic disease rates increasing at an alarming rate, primary prevention and screening for chronic diseases is the best hope to curtail the rise in chronic disease in our province. The BETTER program focuses on the prevention and screening of these chronic diseases. The program is driven by a care provider trained in chronic disease prevention and screening, motivational interviewing, and brief action planning.

Who we are

The BETTER program focuses on prevention and screening of chronic diseases. A specialized health-care provider, called a prevention practitioner, works with you to discuss your risk for disease and focus on preventing chronic illness.

What we do

    • The BETTER program involves a one on one appointment focused on prevention and screening for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
    • You will complete a survey about your health. In consultation with your prevention practitioner, this survey will ensure your screening is up to date and allow for you to set goals related to health and wellness with a focus on prevention. If you need assistance to complete the survey, a prevention practitioner can help you!
    • Once the survey is complete, you will meet with a health-care provider with specialized skills in chronic disease prevention and screening, called a prevention practitioner
    • The appointment can range from 60-90 minutes. There will be a check in at 6 and 12 months.

What are the benefits of the BETTER program?

    • You can work with a prevention practitioner one-on-one to discuss your risk for disease and focus on preventing chronic illness.
    • You can get appropriately screened for chronic disease.
    • You can set goals for your health and wellness and focus on prevention.
    • The prevention practitioner is focused on working with you to do what’s best for you.
    • The prevention practitioner works with a physician or nurse practitioner to ensure you are up-to-date for all necessary screening for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Who we see

We see people who are between the ages of 40 and 65.

Our team

The health providers who work in the BETTER program are Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and are called prevention practitioners. The prevention practitioner works with you to develop an individualized action plan through shared decision-making. They collaborate with other members of the health-care team including physicians and nurse practitioners.

How to access this service

To access this program, please contact a prevention practitioner in your area listed below.

How to reach us

The BETTER program is available at the following locations:

St. Mary’s
Bay Roberts
St. John’s
Burin/Grand Bank

Please email:

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Last updated: 2022-04-14